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Tailored care.
Evidence based.
Treatment that works.
That's logical. 



We welcome new and existing patients to our Timaru based clinic.

Trust in the logic!

At Logic Physiotherapy, we provide:

  • Musculoskeletal, manipulative and neuromuscular control therapies

  • Personalised exercise prescriptions

  • Movement correction

  • Proprioception training

  • Sports physiotherapy

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

The foundation of our practice is simple, we use evidence-based practices and are dedicated to treatments that work to achieve the individual goals of our patients. 

Dedicated healthcare professionals discussing a personalised treatment plan for optimal recovery at Logic Physio Timaru.

Tailored practice

We work hard to understand your individual goals. Our objective is a clear diagnosis and treatment plan that works for you and your healthcare team for optimal recovery.


Our team are experts at what we do and our patients benefit from our strong relationships within the broader healthcare sector. Highly qualified and experienced, we are lifelong learners and dedicated to ensuring best practice every time.  

Logic Physio team in Timaru discussing a personalised treatment plan, ensuring tailored care and monitoring for successful recovery.

Treatment that works

Your treatment plan is tailored to your needs and lifestyle, and we take care to monitor your progress for a successful recovery. If we can't resolve your issue, our network of South Canterbury based healthcare professionals can.

Team at Logic Physio, lead by physiotherapist Brett Crossan, collaborating and discussing patient care. Each member contributes their unique expertise and dedication to help patients achieve their rehabilitation and physical wellbeing goals.

Our team is here to help

At Logic Physio, our team is more than just highly trained professionals, we're your dedicated partners on the path to rehabilitation and improved physical wellbeing. Each member of our team brings a unique background, interests, and specialised expertise to the table, all with one common purpose – to help you achieve your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to see a physiotherapist at Logic Physio?

No, you do not need a referral to see a physiotherapist at Logic Physio. We accept both self-referrals and referrals from healthcare providers, so you can reach out to us directly. 

What is ACC and how do I know I am eligible? 

ACC, which stands for the Accident Compensation Corporation in New Zealand, provides compensation and support for injuries resulting from accidents. To claim ACC you can fill in a form at Logic Physio on initial consultation. Some basic guidelines: "An accident that has occurred with mechanical force, resulting in injury, occurring in the last 12 months." 

How much will it cost? And how will I need to pay?

Government policies require a surcharge for covered ACC injuries. Prices are $40 for an initial consult and $35 for a follow up appointment. Private sessions (with no ACC) $80 for the initial consultant and $75 for a follow up appointment. There is funding available see the next tab. Full rates can be seen in Physio Services

Is it possible to get a FULLY FUNDED rehabilitation for my injury?

Yes. Logic Physio has the ability to get funding for rehabilitation on shoulder, knee, ankles, and lower back injuries. The injuries that can get funded must have occurred in the last 12 months and have an ACC claim (which Logic Physio can lodge). Funding is likely with any significant injuries proven with an ultrasound/ and or referral to the orthopedics for an MRI (which Logic Physio can refer to). Most post-surgical/ pre surgical of included criteria will often get accepted from the escalated care pathway (ECP) team. This funding will include occupational therapy (creating a plan to get back to work), gym memberships, physiotherapy and give you a health navigator to help you achieve attainable goals especially around returning to the workplace.  

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Generally, our wait time is between 1-2 weeks, but this can vary depending on circumstances and physio availability. We endeavour to do our best based on the level of urgency. We offer a waitlist to patients if cancellations spaces become available.

How long is a typical physiotherapy appointment?

The duration of a physiotherapy session can vary depending on your specific condition and treatment plan. On average, sessions usually last between 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

How many appointments will I need to get better?

Timeframes are different from person to person; different types of injury mean different paths of treatment. The nature of injury is unique and usually multifaceted but rest assured, the team at Logic Physio are well equipped with knowledge to get you through your rehabilitation as quickly as possible. 

What should I wear?

Singlets for shoulders and necks, shorts for knees and ankles. Think "appropriate clothing for my injury part". Don't worry, we have appropriate clothing here too if you forget. 

I rang but no one answered the phone?

If you ring and no one answered the phone please leave us a message. Our reception hours are from 9am - 2.30pm so it's likely that the rest of the team is busy rehabilitating patients. Leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


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